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Before becoming our community of Church Point, this area was part of the Bayville Farms Estate.  This area was owned by the Burroughs Family, who are the seventh title holders to the land since its original grant by King Charles II of England in 1635.

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Close to the present Church Point site, was the original Old Donation Episcopal Church – the Mother Church of the Lynnhaven Parish.  Records show this to have been in existence in 1639.  When the channel from the Lynnhaven River to the Chesapeake Bay was cut, water rose over the old church and it was abandoned.  It was later rebuilt on its present site on North Witchduck Road.  At present, a plaque commemorating the church sits near the waterfront park and the Mayor and City Council of Virginia Beach have appointed May 20th of every year as Church Point Day.

The streets were named from different parish churches in the Tidewater area and from crewmembers of the Adam Thoroughgood Grant.  The Church Point community was developed by the Summs Group and the Burroughs Family.

The Thoroughgood House

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Captain Adam Thoroughgood arrived in the Virginia Colony in 1621 as an indentured servant.  Prospering in the New World and serving as one of Virginia’s first Burgesses, he married Sarah Offley and recruited settlers to the colony.  In the year 1635, Thoroughgood was awarded 5,350 acres of land along the Lynnhaven River.  It was on this inherited land that a descendant of Adam Thoroughgood built the house that today bears his name.

The Thoroughgood House, built around 1680, is a modified hall and parlor, and is a one and one-half story structure.  Made of local brick and oyster shell mortar, this house is bonded in English bond and Flemish bond.  The leaded glass casement windows are in true 17th century fashion.

Restored in 1957, this house contains a spectacular collection of late 17th and early 18th century English furniture.  The garden was a gift of the Garden Club of Virginia.  Created in 1958-59 by Alden Hopkins of Williamsburg, this charming 17th century garden is on the Historic Garden Week Tour each spring.

This historic property is linked to our historic property at Church Point by sidewalks, paths and bikeways.  It is located off Church Point Road just between the Mews and Commons Park.

The Adam Thoroughgood  House was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1960 and is one of the oldest surviving colonial homes in Virginia.  The House is open six days per week for guided tours.  Special programs for schools, scouts and the general public are offered throughout the year.  The Adam Thoroughgood House has been operated by the Department of Museums and Cultural Arts since 1999 and was acquired by the City of Virginia Beach in 2003.  (This Paragraph was taken from the Virginia Beach, Virginia City Web Site).